We choose to live in Remembrance of Jacqueline

Two years ago today, our daughter Jacqueline Rose was born about 21 weeks early. Her life was short but she was such a gift. While we were praying this morning, I could hear Underground River singing on repeat:

We will choose to live
In remembrance
Through the test of time
Your faithfulness will stand

I remember the moment my water broke, I could almost audibly hear Pastor Whit say, “Locate what you know”. I could then hear the Dutilley children declaring, “Fear is not aloud.” You see, the Holy Spirit used the Father of the house, and the children of the house to comfort and instruct me.

So while her stay was short, she was the key to generational breakthrough of placement in our family. She broke off that piece of me that used to allow others to silence my voice. That was the piece of me that died along with her and in God’s brilliance, he has and is working it out all for his glory.

And so, we choose to live in remembrance today of our sweet Jacqueline Rose Ball.


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