Crazy Rant of a Wannabee Therapist

So I’m applying to graduate school again in the hopes of becoming a clinical mental health counselor.

For the freaking third time.

I am only applying to one school.


For the third time.

Now, some of you might point out that there are plenty of Counselor Education Programs out there that are CACREP accredited to apply to instead of just one school.

Well, you’re right.

BUT, you’re also wrong.

It just so happens that the program I am interested in is ranked extremely high in the Nation, and is within the same city as me. Oh and I received my Bachelors from them and know the campus very well. There is not another school that has such a highly ranked program in close proximity to me.

Let’s be honest, even if there was I’d still only want to go to my top choice.



I know I don’t know anything and am eager to learn all the things.

I know the difference between psychology and counseling and will not ruin my life like so many countless others who have received a degree in something that doesn’t actually exist for professional counselors (counseling psychology for example= specialty in professional psychology).

Work with me people.

I want to start a family soon. LIKE REALLY SOON. So I’d like to go ahead and do this graduate school thing and focus wholeheartedly on that first. Although, I’m not above going to grad school in my late thirties with a kid or two. Child please, I’ll work around my childbearing years and figure it out.

I’m not sure you understand how much I want this.

Oh and let me address the obvious, I do not want to become a professional counselor to figure out myself or my crazy family. However, I am ready to work through it as I am painfully aware that you cannot go through that program without opening old wounds.

I’m ready.

Take me. Accept my application on Dec 1st and call me in for the freaking interview next year for your freaking fabulous Counselor Education Program.

K thanks bye.


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