My Etsy Shop Has Arrived!

Okay everyone, it’s finally here… A Touch of Flourish Etsy shop has arrived!!!

It’s taken me awhile to get everything together (and by everything I mean my anxiety)to get to this point. I’m excited because I really enjoy making handmade items for my family and friends and want to offer this to others.

Without further or due, let get to it!

What am I selling?

Right now, I’m selling custom handmade wooden photo transfers. These pieces are either on painted or bare wood plaques depending on your preference. I am looking into having other handmade items for sale but for now, it is mainly the wood photo transfers.

I started making wooden transfer photos after my husband made some from our engagement photo shoot and displayed them at our wedding. I found that friends and family loved my wooden-transfer pictures and wanted me to make them for weddings, holidays, anniversaries, or birthday gifts.

What are wood photo transfers?

Wood photo transfers are photographs that have been transferred onto wood. The image becomes a part of the wood grain for a rustic or shabby chic look.

natural 1
Example of a photo transferred onto wood plaque. This is on bare wood.
White 2
Here is the same wood transfer with an ivory border and back-side.

Because each photograph transfers differently, each piece will be unique. No two pictures will look the same giving you a one of a kind keepsake.

Where can I get these?

I am selling them online at If you are local I am offering a coupon for local-pick which saves you the cost of shipping. Just message me for the details.

These are perfect gifts for anniversaries, weddings, engagements, holidays, birthdays, and yourself! Please check out my shop and place an order for a unique wood photo transfer today!


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