The Little Things

Sleepy Puppies

So, it’s already the middle of July and I’m finally getting around to writing this post. We’ve been so busy that I haven’t made time for the blog and to be honest, I feel a tad guilty. Obviously, not guilty enough to write sooner, but you get my drift.

In April, I was hired by a credentialing agency for counselors and things took off from there. I signed a confidentiality agreement and therefore, cannot share my experiences from work. It’s so hard for me to keep a lid on my experiences because for those of you that can’t tell, I tend to have a very dry sense of humor. Naturally, I find that my day to day interactions with coworkers and counselors can be summed up with observational humor and sarcasm. However, I can say that I enjoy working there and am finally starting to feel comfortable in my position.

On a serious note, I had some odd looking freckles removed last month and two of them turned out to be moderately abnormal.  So, any longer and I would have developed skin cancer. I am several years below the national average for developing skin cancer so this was particularly scary for me.  I am however the typical Melanoma patient: fair skin, I have some atypical freckles, and Melanoma runs in the family. Had I not fought for my appointment instead of waiting until 2015, I would have developed cancer and it may have been too late. I had a feeling that I couldn’t wait, the type of feeling I always get when something is very wrong. That is something I’ve always had- the gut feeling. I view it as God’s way of preparing me for whatever is about to happen. That feeling in my spirit that is unmistakably Jesus.

Thank you for the warning.

In other news, we adopted two puppies last month. No big deal. Just, you know, willy-nilly adopted two puppies. Yes, I am aware that we could have only adopted one puppy but it was perfect for what we wanted.

Allow me to explain….

Originally, I wanted to adopt an older dog from the shelter. I’ve been hounding Micah for us to get a dog since last year. Financially, we felt that we couldn’t give the proper care for a dog until this point, which is why we’ve waited until now. Oh and when I say I wanted a dog, I mean I really wanted a dog; like the way women crave babies, I craved a dog. I know I’m weird, okay. I’m aware of it. Fortunately, my husband is also aware of my weirdness, and this is why we work so well together 🙂 .

We talked about getting an older dog but Micah wanted a puppy. My first thought was NO! OMG poop on all the things! Don’t get me wrong puppies are cute, but they pee and poop everywhere and need constant attention and training. It’s a bigger commitment than most people are aware of and I was opposed. Plus, there are tons of older pets that need to be adopted out to good homes. We arrived at the conclusion that if we go to the shelter and there is an older dog that we fall in love with, we’ll adopt that dog. If there are two puppies that are available, then we’ll adopt them. <- what did I just say?  Yes, you read that correctly, I said TWO puppies instead of one. How did we arrive at two puppies? Oh yes, the irrationality of it all can easily be explained…I think. Well, both puppies could keep each other company and there would be a dog for both of us. One would stay with me when Micah goes camping with the other one. Plus, what are the odds we would find two puppies at the shelter that were close to the breeds we were interested in?

Well, I was in for quite a surprise.

Last month, we decided to go to the shelter and look for a dog that we could take home and love. It was bittersweet walking into the shelter. Remember? That’s where Micah and I first met. We were back to the very place I taught my husband to clean up poop for money, our beginning. We walked through and saw so many dogs. The older ones I was interested in were not adoptable for our household (aka the cats). We decided to keep looking for an older dog when we came upon two small puppies. I knew instantly that I was in trouble from the way Micah lit up. Admittedly, they were cute. Above the obvious cuteness, they were calm and looked healthy. Oh and I noticed they were the mix of breeds that Micah wanted, German shepherd and Rottweiler. Go freakin figure. You know, God has a wonderful sense of humor. It’s a reminder that God listens to the good and the bad. You may think that what you want is so stupid, small, or insignificant but he finds a way to remind you that you’re special.

It’s the little things.

So, after playing with the puppies for an hour or so, I caved and agreed with Micah that they were perfect for us. I never expected to come home with two puppies. I thought for sure we would find an older dog and the truth is, there weren’t any older dogs available for adoption that day. For anyone who has worked at a shelter, you know the odds of finding two puppies around the same age on the same day- slim to none.

God is good.

Having two puppies has been a big adjustment! We get up very early to let them out and feed them, I come home for lunch so they have a potty break and can run around outside, and we spend time with them in the evenings. It’s been a challenge and I miss my sleep but they’re worth it. Consequently, how do people have children? I mean, the puppies are exhausting awesome, but I’m relieved they won’t grow up to change the world or work at McDonalds. Just sayin.

Oh and the cats are doing great! At first they protested but now they are starting to come around. Maybe one day they will be a happy furry family….or just not kill each other. Either way, I’ll be happy 😉

Meet Stella
Meet Stella
..and Peach
..and Peach

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