Mourning My Daughter’s Due Date in the Light

I remember finding the band 'Sleeping At Last' 2 years ago and falling in love with their song called Light. It is a wonderful song about becoming a parent. That was also the year God gave me more names in addition to Jacqueline and Ezra; names he gave me back in 2013 & 2014. He … Continue reading Mourning My Daughter’s Due Date in the Light


Chronic Hope Part Four: The Rising Flood Waters

There it was in Jacquita’s handwriting, almost leaping off the page to get my attention. I could feel my heart beating out of my chest and the hairs on the back of my neck standing at full attention. I immediately wrote down 1 Peter 5:10 in several different places to remind me to keep the … Continue reading Chronic Hope Part Four: The Rising Flood Waters

Chronic Hope Series: My battle with Endometriosis

At last the time has come for me to start sharing my endometriosis story. It’s been 2 years since I last wrote in the blog and I have to say that I have missed writing! In the past I have started writing my story several times but life kept getting in the way. These past … Continue reading Chronic Hope Series: My battle with Endometriosis

Our Journey To Better Health

There’s a lot that has changed since last year. SO much has changed! I apologize for the silence but I get quiet when a lot is going on. It takes time for me to process things and it usually takes my entire focus. The biggest change has been within me. This past year I’ve been … Continue reading Our Journey To Better Health

Crazy Rant of a Wannabee Therapist

So I’m applying to graduate school again in the hopes of becoming a clinical mental health counselor. For the freaking third time. I am only applying to one school. Again. For the third time. Now, some of you might point out that there are plenty of Counselor Education Programs out there that are CACREP accredited … Continue reading Crazy Rant of a Wannabee Therapist

Thank God for Poison Ivy

Normally, I wouldn’t be thankful for the annoyingly itchy and irritating rash that is caused by poison ivy but I’m pretty sure it just saved me from skin cancer. Last month I was doing yardwork and unknowingly brushed up against some Poison Ivy. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize it until about 3 hours later when I … Continue reading Thank God for Poison Ivy

The Gift of Discernment

I call it as I see it or should I say feel it. Some people call it the gift of discernment or intuition.  Others may call it hindsight bias.  For those who don’t know, hindsight bias is the tendency people have to view events as more predictable than they really are. After an event, people … Continue reading The Gift of Discernment

The Little Things

So, it’s already the middle of July and I’m finally getting around to writing this post. We’ve been so busy that I haven’t made time for the blog and to be honest, I feel a tad guilty. Obviously, not guilty enough to write sooner, but you get my drift. In April, I was hired by … Continue reading The Little Things

All we can do is keep breathing

Just like that, April 28th has come and gone. Sometimes, I still have trouble understanding that Jacquita passed away a year ago. So much has changed. A year ago we were renting an apartment, we were exhausted from our jobs and from the entire situation, and we were scared of the unknown. We were different … Continue reading All we can do is keep breathing

It has been a while

So I haven’t written anything in three weeks and I feel a little neglectful of the blog. To be honest, I’ve been busy looking for a job. It looks like it’s time for me to get back into the work place full time. Financially we’re okay, but money is tight. So, I’d feel better getting … Continue reading It has been a while