When Unbelief is Revealed in the Waiting

I was praying this morning and felt this in my spirit: When stuff hits the fan, God will still be there. The question is really, will I remain engaged with God in every season? Is my faith dependent on what I want or is my faith centered on Jesus and God‘s word.

I think most of us would agree that we can’t control God or control difficult circumstances that we are called to walk through. I know that when I start to feel like I want to control an outcome or a promise that my focus is veering off course. The tricky thing about control is that we are so easily self deceived. We tell ourselves that we just have to try harder, do better, read more scripture, go to all the church meetings, push our bodies past the point of return, and then God‘s going to heal us. If I do enough that promise will come to pass.

Really, that sentiment is rooted in control and in the spirit of religion. We can tell ourselves that this is what it means to have faith but honestly, the truth is that need to control is rooted in unbelief. If this sounds familiar, ask yourself if this would’ve come to light in a season of increase? The answer is no. It is really only through difficult seasons that these roots of unbelief, incorrect teachings, etc. are exposed. This is how our faith is tested and stretched. If you are living and breathing and walking with Jesus, this has undoubtedly happened to you. Remember, we don’t stop growing in our faith with God until we leave this earth.

If you’re going through this now, be encouraged because all you need to do is repent and realign yourself with Jesus. Simply turn to God and give him the space he’s asking for by relinquishing control.

If you’re not sure what to pray, remember that Jesus prayed simply, plainly, and clearly. Your prayer could sound like this:

God I recognize the unbelief in my heart and repent. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I relinquish control over to you. I trust you to fulfill your promise in your perfect timing. In Jesus name, Amen.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that God heals and fulfills his promises in his timing, not ours. Don’t believe the lie that you’ve been looked over, forgotten or don’t matter as you wait on him to move that mountain. God hears you, sees you, and has graced you to walk it out with him.


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