Fresh Voices at Simply Better Birth

I’m happy to announce that Mary Gillet reached out to share my story on her website Simply Better Birth during Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Before starting Simply Better Birth, Mary was the education director at Magnolia Birth Center in Greensboro. It was the first free standing non-hospital owned birth center in town and unfortunately closed this year due to Covid. Mary is a certified birth Doula, ACBE-certified childbirth educator, a WIC-trained Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, and HUG-certified instructor with more than 30 years experience in teaching parenting classes.

“As a certified doula and childbirth educator serving the greater Greensboro and the North Raleigh area, I believe that the birth experience can be filled with strength, joy, and peace. Birth with support and preparation is “simply better.” It is my privilege to guide you and your family to that goal.” Explore further for information regarding classes and services offered by contacting Mary through her website at Simply Better Birth.

While it has been tough navigating this loss during the pandemic, I’m thankful to those that have continued to press into friendship and relationship at a time when most avoid the conversation of miscarriage and infant loss. To have ushered in the pandemic with the loss of our daughter Jacqueline was a unique experience to say the least. Typically when people experience a miscarriage or infant loss their world stops but the world around them keeps moving. Life goes on as usual around you and you can feel that much more disconnected. However, when our world stopped in March, so did everyone else’s. We were forced to become that much more intentional with our relationships, especially in the face of so much loss.

“Sometimes people leave and we don’t know why” took on a whole new meaning for me in March. The truth is when we lose a loved one, we may never get the answers to why they had to leave this world. While that may not be the answer we want, it is an answer in and of itself.


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