Well this past weekend was certainly an adventure! One thing was clear, if there ever is a zombie apocalypse – most, if not all of us in NC will not make it.

It all started last Thursday night when it began to sleet….I didn’t take it too seriously because we had just experienced a ‘snow storm’ a few weeks ago and although it was fun, it was not scary. I really had not paid attention to the weather and didn’t care to check updates on my phone because again – what could go wrong? Well, apparently others in our county had thought the same exact thing because when we woke up to find the power flickering and trees threatening to hit the house – we were in a bit of shock. My husband works maintenance at student apartments and had to go into work. According to him, at 7am, the roads were icy but drivable. By 9am, they were a complete disaster.

We were more fortunate than others because our power went out around 8:30am on Friday. I could see the lights flickering and I was trying to get as many things done as possible before it went out. Sure enough, I had just enough time to do nothing.

This is how I know I won’t survive a zombie apocalypse:

*I don’t have a bug-out bag

*I did not charge my phone the night before

*My gas tank was almost empty

*I failed to pay attention to weather reports

*I failed to notice the signs

I do get an A for effort because I filled containers with water and I moved the car in between two huge branches that threatened to fall in the driveway. I mean, that counts right?

I spent the day having mild panic attacks about the snapping branches I could hear echoing all around the house. When we moved into this house, we knew that we needed to get rid of most of the trees on the property because they would eventually fall on the house. Unfortunately, we were only able to remove two of them before this ice storm. On the upside, we didn’t finish removing all of the branches and sticks from when we cut down the two trees. I would have been annoyed if we had cleared the yard up only to have more branches and trees fall.

The largest of the trees in our front yard split into thirds from the weight of the ice.
The largest of the trees in our front yard split into thirds from the weight of the ice.

It just goes to show procrastination isn’t always bad 😉

We had a lot of damage to the trees and our fences but the house was unscathed. We were able to take showers at Micah’s dad’s house and my mom’s house. By Saturday night our power was back on despite hearing that we could be waiting until Wednesday March 12th (tomorrow) for the power to be restored. All of our food in the fridge and freezer was still preserved even though it was 60 degrees on Saturday. Oh did I forget to mention that it went from freezing to 60 degrees in 1 day?Gotta love NC.

Guilford County was in a state of emergency, thousands of people without power everywhere and we made it!  It was very creepy driving around town and seeing trees on the roads and no street lights. I couldn’t help but be thankful that we normally do have power and are blessed to have family who could provide a warm place to stay.

It also made me realize that we are not prepared in the slightest for any type of power outage situation, including a zombie apocalypse.

Are you?



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