Ready for Spring

pink petaled flowers
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Spring is almost here!! Yay! I’m so ready for spring to start. This year, we actually had a little bit of a winter here in NC. It was a nice surprise to have some snow, but I’m over it. There are people like my husband, who love the snow and can’t wait to drive and play in it. Then there are people like me, who like to look at snow and play in it, but could live without it.

In preparation for spring, I’m trying to revive as many plants as I can from my mother-in-law’s garden house. Since we don’t have a garden house yet, I’ve resorted to hoarding the plants in my office. You may wonder why I would lock away these beautiful plants in my office; the answer is simple, the cats. They love to gorge themselves on any non-succulent/cacti plant possible. Unfortunately, when we first put the plants into the kitchen, the cats became so excited that they each vomited 4 times within 30 minutes of the plants being in sight.  Don’t worry they’re okay, I know you’re concerned ;-) .

Since these plants are technically “mine” I had to bite the bullet and shove them into my office. Oh and I should mention that my office is more like a storage unit at this point. It was quite a sight to see me battling the cats for plants while I’m shoving craft and office supplies into boxes. I like to keep it classy here in the Ball house.

My office is now a garden
My office is now a garden

Right now the dry heat in our house is working against me. These plants need humidity and light, especially the wire vines. If you didn’t notice, the wire vines are a lovely shade of brown. There’s only so much a spray bottle and water trays will do without a humidifier in the house. Oh and almost all of them need to be repotted. They probably won’t be completed rehabilitated until summer, since that’s when the humidity mixed with the heat is so bad it becomes hard to breathe outside. I can’t wait!

Another good thing about spring is that we will be able to do some landscaping! I think we’ll be able to spruce this place up in no time. I love being in this house! It’s so wonderful to be able to have a yard and have the option to plant and garden. Previously in our old apartments, we had a small porch or balcony but neither were good places to have a little garden. I had a nice assortment of plants but it wasn’t the same as having a yard. There are so many things that I look forward to at this time of the year. I love seeing the daffodils spring up along with the daisies and tulips. Actually there are tons of flowers and plants that bloom in spring that I love but you get what I’m saying. We want to make a few birdhouses to go with the bird bath in the backyard.

Oh man, the backyard needs help.

As you can see I’m pretty excited about spring. What about you? Are you ready for spring or do you wish winter would stay longer?


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