When Our Vows Were Tested

This isn’t an ordinary blog post about wedding vows. Don’t be fooled by the title. However, it is an accurate account of a morning that our vows were truly tested. You know, when people describe marriage to people who have never been married, they talk about difficult times like fights about finances, sex, and other … Continue reading When Our Vows Were Tested


Well this past weekend was certainly an adventure! One thing was clear, if there ever is a zombie apocalypse – most, if not all of us in NC will not make it. It all started last Thursday night when it began to sleet….I didn’t take it too seriously because we had just experienced a ‘snow … Continue reading Snowpocalypse

Ready for Spring

Spring is almost here!! Yay! I’m so ready for spring to start. This year, we actually had a little bit of a winter here in NC. It was a nice surprise to have some snow, but I’m over it. There are people like my husband, who love the snow and can’t wait to drive and … Continue reading Ready for Spring